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iv_player.exe 3.35

File name: iv-player.exe
File size: 0.14 mb.
Date: 15.05.2009 12:26
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0.14 mb.

Company name: Irfan Skiljan
Description: Multimedia Player for IrfanView
File version: 3.35
Internal name: Multimedia PlugIn
Legal copyright: Copyright © 2001 by Irfan Skiljan, Austria
Original filename: IV_Player.exe
Product name: Multimedia Player for IrfanView

Site name: initprog.org
Download url: http://irfanview.tuwien.ac.at/plugins/irfanview_plugins_437.zip
Parent url: http://www.programosy.pl/program,irfanview-portable.html
Parent title: IrfanView Portable - Download na Programosy.pl
Parent file: irfanview_plugins_437.zip

iv_player.exe free download.
If you receive an error iv_player.exe missing:
- You can try to download this file and paste it in directory where it missing
If you receive an error in file iv_player.exe:
- Try to replace it with this one.

If this doesn't help, try to copy this file to system directory of your Operating system.
Operating systemSystem directory
Windows 95, 98, MEC:\Windows\System
Windows NT, 2000C:\WinNT\System32
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8C:\Windows\System32
64-bit WindowsC:\Windows\System64

If you can't find windows directory try:
1. Press and hold Windows key on your keyboard, then press button R.
2. Enter the command "cmd" and press Enter
3. In a command window enter the command "set systemroot" and press Enter. It will display system directory.
4. Make backup iv_player.exe on your computer
5. Download and copy file iv_player.exe to directories: System or System32 or System64.
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iv player.exe - Multimedia Player for IrfanView ra player.dll - RealAudio player for IrfanView soundplayer.dll - Sound Player for IrfanView med.dll - MED player for IrfanView flash4.dll - Flash 4 player for IrfanView mp3.dll - MP3 Player PlugIn for IrfanView i view32.exe - IrfanView mp3.dll - MP3 Player PlugIn for IrfanView irfanview plugin mp3.exe - MP3 Player PlugIn for IrfanView